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Market Research and Competitive Analysis

Market research & competition analysis is the backbone of Delphi Data Labs offering. To ensure the highest information quality, we combine large datasets with the knowledge of industry specialists. Our unique research process allows us to provide the best market insights at very competitive prices.
Why Delphi?
Delphi Data Labs - Industry Experience
Industry Experience
Multiple years of industry experience.
Delphi Data Labs - No Outsourcing
No Outsourcing
Exclusively utilizing top class academic European researchers.
Delphi Data Labs - Data-Science
Unique data-science backed methodology, resulting in lower costs for the end customer - combined with a higher quality.
Our Process
Delphi Data Labs - Research process
Research Fields
Strategy Analysis
Strategy Analysis
Feasibility Studies
Feasibility Studies
Competition Benchmarking
Competition Benchmarking
Innovation Analysis
Innovation Analysis
Market & Business Development
Marketing & Business Dev
Go-To-Market Strategy
Go-To-Market Strategy
Demand Forecasting and Modelling
Demand Forecasting
Digital/Channel Analysis
Digital/Channel Analysis
Industrial Market Knowledge

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How we work

Unlike the industry standard, which relies mainly on interviews, our process is built on big data analytics. Our approach ensures highest academic research standards, and limits the negative impact of cognitive bias, which happens to occur in expert interviews. The human brain is simply not designed to correctly record and depict the nature of complex international multi-billion dollar markets.

That’s why statistical analysis of adequate data is the core of our research methodology. Nevertheless, we strongly rely on human expertise, which marks the starting & final process step in our work:

At first we map and understand the relationships in an industrial value chain to set the frame for our research. In the second step, we fill our value chain model with data from various sources to determine the market potential. In the next step of the process, our data is challenged by human expertise.  We then integrate the feedback and adjust our data in a second human feedback & approval process.  

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