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Forecasting, Benchmarking, and Competitive Insights to Drive Success in the Growing Green Hydrogen Market

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Dynamic Market Forecast, Market Mapping, Competitive Assessment & Power Ranking

Easy To Understand

Presenting complex information through intuitive and visually captivating visualizations, making it easy for users to understand and analyze data at a glance.

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Stay effortlessly up-to-date with the latest information, delivering real-time updates and seamlessly syncing of data updates.

Broadest Data Set

Access to the broadest data set available, empowers you to explore comprehensive and diverse information, enabling deeper insights and informed decision-making.

Delphi Data Labs utilizes data science to visualize, monitor & forecast the emerging global electrolysis market, and introduces the most comprehensive competitive assessment of the technology owners.

Dive into our whitepaper about strategic opportunities in the green hydrogen market, explore the full Hydrogen Dashboard presentation or get an overview of the global hydrogen electrolyzer market in the second quarter (Q2) of 2023 with our extensive quarterly review.
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Real-Time Insights & Analytics

Target Group: 
Top Management


Limited visibility into emerging market trends, competitive landscape, and investment opportunities in the green hydrogensector.


The dynamic green hydrogen market forecasts and value chain database within the Hydrogen Dashboard provided Top Management with critical insights and real-time information. This empowered them to make informed strategic decisions, identify new growth areas, and capitalize on market opportunities

Potential Partnerships & Opportunitites

Target Group: 
Industrial Technology Corporates


Lack of visibility into potential partnership opportunitiesand investment prospects in the green hydrogen sector.



The Green Hydrogen project database within the Hydrogen Dashboard provided comprehensive insights into ongoing projects, enablingIndustrial Technology Corporates to identify potential partnerships aligned with their strategic objectives and investment opportunities in the green hydrogen sector. This helped them forge valuable collaborations, expand their market presence, and drive innovation.

Value Chain Research

Target Group: 
Non-profit & Research Organizations


Challenges in accessing comprehensive data and insights to support research and collaboration efforts in the green hydrogen domain.


The Value chain database within the Hydrogen Dashboard attributed thousands of companies to their positions in the value chain, empowering Hydrogen Non-profit & Research Organizations to identify potential partners, suppliers, and research collaborators. This facilitated knowledge sharing, enhanced collaboration opportunities, and acceleratedresearch efforts in the green hydrogen field.

Competitive Landscape

Target Group: 
Electrolyzer Manufacturers


Limited understanding of the competitive landscape and their positioning within the electrolyzer market.


The Electrolyzer competitive assessment & benchmarking feature of the Hydrogen Dashboard enabled Electrolyzer Manufacturers to evaluate their market position, product offerings, and technological advancements compared to over 200 stack/system OEMs and startups. This facilitated informed decision-making, product development, and competitive positioning, resulting in improved market competitiveness.

Market Forecasts

Target Group: 
Utilities & Renewable Energy Developers


Need for market intelligence to identify green hydrogen projects that align with their renewable energy integration goals.


The dynamic green hydrogen market forecasts, regularly updated within the Hydrogen Dashboard, provided Utilities & Renewable Energy Developers with valuable insights into market trends, demand projections, and emerging opportunities in the green hydrogen sector. This helped them make informed decisions, strategically allocate resources, and align their renewable energy portfolios with the evolving market landscape.

Technology & Supplier Mapping

Target Group: 
EPC's, Engineering & Consultant Firms


Challenges in evaluating and selecting appropriate suppliers and technologies for green hydrogen projects.


The dynamic green hydrogen market forecasts, regularly updated within the Hydrogen Dashboard, provided Utilities & Renewable Energy Developers with valuable insights into market trends, demand projections, and emerging opportunities in the green hydrogen sector. This helped them make informed decisions, strategically allocate resources, and align their renewable energy portfolios with the evolving market landscape.

Projects Database

Target Group: 
Investor Community/Banks


Limited market insights and up-to-date information for assessing the investment potential and risk of green hydrogen projects.


The dynamic green hydrogen market forecasts, regularly updated within the Hydrogen Dashboard, provided the Investor Community/Banks with critical information for evaluating the growth potential, investment viability, and risk assessment of green hydrogen projects. This supported data-driven investment decisions, risk mitigation strategies, and financial planning in the green hydrogen sector.

Feasibility Assessment

Target Group: 
Early Adopters


Identifying and evaluating the feasibility of integrating green hydrogen into their operations.


The Green Hydrogen project database and dynamic market forecasts within the Hydrogen Dashboard helped Early Adopters identify potential green hydrogen projects and assess their feasibility across various industries. This enabled them to plan strategic adoption, explore new business opportunities, and drive sustainable transformation within their operations.

M&A Target Screening

Target Group: 
Corporate Strategy M&A


Difficulty in identifying and ranking potential M&A targets in the green hydrogen sector.


The Hydrogen Dashboard's M&A Target Identification and Ranking feature addressed this challenge by offering a comprehensive assessment, ranking, and monitoring system for over 200 electrolyzer OEMs. This Power Ranking feature allowed Corporate Strategy M&A teams to gain deep insights into the market presence and competitiveness of each OEM. Additionally, the Value Chain Database within the Hydrogen Dashboard enabled teams to identify thousands of potential M&A targets based on their product portfolios and business models. This powerful combination facilitated efficient target evaluation, strategic decision-making, and successful M&A transactions in the dynamic green hydrogen market.

From data to dashboard

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Features at a glance

companies monitored
(electrolyzer OEM & startup)

> 220

companies tracked
(THERMOCHEMICAL & Adv. recycling)

> 200

hydrogen production
projects tracked

~ 2.500

Companies in THE 
h2 value chain directory

> 2.500

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MS Power BI

leveraged and integrated


Quarterly Updates
of all major moduls


New analytics and insights
addeD Monthly


Dynamic Green Hydrogen Market Forecasts

Delphi Data Labs forecasts significant growth in the global electrolyzer market, a key component of the emerging green hydrogen economy.
Our investment analysis suggests a surge from 320 million USD to an estimated 24-69 billion USD annually by 2030. Leveraging cutting-edge market intelligence and dynamic forecasting algorithms, Delphi Data Labs offers investment banks, strategy consultants, and market analysts insights into the hydrogen energy sector's potential.

Our algorithm tracks and updates thousands of green hydrogen projects worldwide, ensuring data-driven decision-making. The projected cumulative electrolyzer installations are expected to reach 100-510 GW by 2030, with the exact growth trajectory between this funnel being available to clients of the Delphi Hydrogen dashboard.
Integrated data module built on:
  • Macroeconomic Data
  • National Hydrogen Strategies
  • Company Level Hydrogen Production Targets
  • Electrolyzer Manufacturing Capacity Forecasts

Data-Driven Electrolyzer
Market Research

Backed by robust data and advanced analytics, providing a clear understanding of market trends, competitive landscape, and growth opportunities.
Companies analyzed and ranked utilizing 7 Criteria:
  • Financial Capabilities
  • Production Capacities & Expansions
  • Market Share & Reputation
  • Partner Network
  • Global Setup
  • Technology
  • Strategy

The most comprehensive competitive landscape

Uncover key players, their market share, strengths, weaknesses, and strategic moves, enabling you to stay ahead of the competition.
  • Stack and Systems, OEMs: from start-ups to corporates
  • Unique insights into the Chinese & Southern Asian market

Over 2,500 projects tracked

Gain valuable insights into project sizes, timelines, and market implications, empowering you to stay informed and capitalize on emerging opportunities.
  • Detailed profiles of all projects
  • New projects added regularly
  • Mapping of all involved companies
  • Tracking of costs and geolocation

Hydrogen Value Chain Database

Seamlessly navigate the intricate network of hydrogen production, storage, transportation, and utilization, accessing detailed information on key stakeholders, technologies, and market trends.
Electrolyzer manufacturing capacities will not be a limiting factor for growth, as long as the market reaches a sufficient level of transparency, and the ability to connect hundreds of OEMs with thousands of suppliers and clients globally.

Subscribe to the Green Hydrogen Dashboard to find new partners:
  • Thousands of companies in the green hydrogen value chain
  • 47 value chain positions tracked (FC stack, compressor, EPC, Bipolar plate, ..)
  • Continuously updated

Industrial Tech Power Ranking

Leveraging a state-of-the-art learning data model, our platform brings the popular Power Ranking feature from sports into the industrial technology industry. With regular updates and continuous improvements, we meticulously monitor the emerging electrolyzer sector.

Stay ahead of the competition as we keep you informed about the latest advancements, market trends, and notable players, ensuring you have a comprehensive understanding of the dynamic electrolyzer industry.

Selected Customer Voices

Peter Eisenköck
Director Green Hydrogen
Industrial machinery
“Delphi Data Labs' Green Hydrogen Dashboard allows us to monitor the development of the global green hydrogen market in a very detailed and dynamic way.
Schoeller Bleckmann
Dr. Karl Maria Grünauer
Head of New Business
“Delphi Data Labs boosts the implementation of our group strategy 2030 by identifying new targets and offering rapid, standardized analysis via their intuitive dashboard.
Gerard Daniel
Kay Devlin
Vice President Marketing and NPD
“Jack our CEO stated he was very impressed with your level of knowledge, what you had delivered, and you were absolutely the right partner to work with on this project.
Brigl & Bergmeister
Thomas Fabian
Director Global Business Development
“With standout knowledge in both - technology and markets - Delphi is the ideal partner to support B&B's circular economy strategy.

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